Rongcheng Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.

Rongcheng Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1953 and reconstructed into the limited liability company in 1999 from the former state-owned enterprise. The Company is located by Shidao Bay ,national class-1 open waters. Covering a floor area of 125,000 square meters, and with the registered capital of RMB 100 million, the Company has the total assets valuing RMB 460 million, including the fixed assets valuing RMB 109 million. The Company currently has 412 employees and more than 700 production equipments. With the transformation and development of more than half a century, the Company has formed such scale and capacity as that the Company can build all sorts of 150 steel fishing vessels or other ships, 50,000 dead weight tonnages in total every year; and repair the vessels under 10,000 ton.
After more than years’ development, the Company has built more than 2000 steel vessels, including various steel trawl, seine, cover net, frozen transport, squid jigging, tuna jigging, shark jigging, electrically-driven light seine and light luring seiner. The products have been mainly marketed to the coastal fishery enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hainan, Fujian, Guangdong, Liaoning, Jilin, Hebei and Shandong, and some products have been exported to Germany, Angola, Morocco, etc., the company has provided various fine quality ship types for ocean fishery production, with a high social reputation.
Based on developing the fishing vessels, the Company has also been engaged in the development of special ships and cargo ships. The Company has built shallow sea drilling and extracting oil platforms, crude oil ship, petroleum engineering vessel, double-hull transport ship , 100-200 persons deluxe tourist ship, ocean survey vessel, marine surveillance ship and fishery patrol ship etc.,and 13 4250-5400DWT MPC has been exported to Germany in recent 5 years.
For many years, based on various requirement of fishing ship market, the Company has developed and built various ships , more than 30 kinds and types, including squid jigging, light cover net, saury and squid jigging, tuna jigging and electrically-driven light seiner etc. Through constantly developing new types of ships, the Company has kept such technical and innovative management system as production, storage and development simultaneously exist, and always led new trend in shipbuilding industry of Shandong province.

In 2009, the Company gained the title of honour of Establishing Leading and Key Enterprises of Shandong Quality Product Manufacturing Bases. In 2011, steel ocean frozen trawler was given the title of Famous Brand in Shandong by Shandong Famous Brand Strategic Propulsion Committee and Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau. And in 2012, steel ocean frozen trawler was given the title of the Industry Famous Brand by China Fishing Vessel, Fishing Machines and Equipment Industry Association.


Steel Fishing Vessels Building & Repairing Approval Certificate and Qualification Certificate for Fishing Vessels Design Unit issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Register of Fishing Vessel of the People’s Republic of China
Ship Repair Unit Approval Certificate issued by CCS
Production Technology Approval Certificate of Shipbuilding Enterprises with Production Capacity of 5000-tonnage Steel Offshore Transport Ships issued by Weihai Municipal Vessel Inspection Bureau
Measurement Assurance Qualification Certificate issued by Shandong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
Import/Export Enterprise Qualification Certificate of People's Republic of China issued by Shandong Provincial Foreign Trading Committee
ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification issued by China Classification Society Certification Company (CCSC)


Rongcheng Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.

Major Shipbuilding and Repairing Facilities:

One 103m×55m 1000T transverse mechanical slideway
Two 1000T shipbuilding areas, with the  size  of  110m×110m and 110m×90m  respectively,  13 shipbuilding berths, equipped with one set of 10T, 16T, 30T and 60 portal crane and 16T gantry crane respectively
One 250m×28m 3000T shipbuilding berth, equipped with one set of 10T, 40T gantry crane and 60T portal crane.
One 120m×26m 3000T shipbuilding berth, equipped with one set of 60T portal crane.
One 350m×35m 2000T flexible launching slipway, equipped with one set of 30T and 80T gantry crane.
Outfitting dock 568m, equipped with one set of 30T portal crane.
Major Shipbuilding and Repairing Equipments:
Over 30 sets of metal cutting equipments
18 sets of cranes, including nine sets of 10-60T gantry and portal cranes
11 sets of cold-processing equipments, including one set of 350T oil press and one set of 160T frame cold bender
356 sets of welding equipments, including 216 sets of CO2 protection welding machine and automatic submerged arc welding machines, 42 sets of multiple-station combined welding machines
Two sets of WKQ7500GS CNC plasma cutting machine
15 sets of painting equipments, including one set of VP241 2M eco-friendly vertical steel plate pretreatment line, and one set of secondary coating line
10 sets of windlasses, including two sets of 15T tri-speed windlasses, three sets of 30T windlasses, two sets of 40T windlasse

Major Testing Equipments:


 Universal testing machine, impact testing machine, X-ray flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, ultrasonic thickness gage, leakage detector, laser theodolite, oil quality analyzer, more than 20 sets in total
One metal element chemical analysis lab
One physical lab
One measurement room

Technical Strength:


 The Company has 57 engineers and technicians, including 4 senior engineers, 11 engineers, 19 assistant engineers and 23 technicians, with different specialties such as hull, machinery and electric etc. The technical design, lofting and drawing can be made in computer.



The Company has 412 employees, including 45 technical staffs and 63 management staffs. Among the workers, there are 304 technical workers, including 69 hull processing staffs, 22 welders, 79 locksmiths and electricians, 14 painting workers, 24 crane operators, 17 machining workers and 79 other workers, in a reasonable work structure.

In the quality policy of “Top Quality for First-class Vessels & Constant Improvement for Customer Satisfaction”, Mr. Xu Zheng, the Chairman and General Manager of the Company, together with all the staff welcome friends at home and abroad to visit the Company for friendly cooperation.