The global shipbuilding industry saw a surge in new orders last year

Paris, May 19 (xinhua) (reporter lu longjun) The global shipbuilding industry received a record number of new orders last year, Far more than in 2005, according to the 2006 world civil shipbuilding annual report by BSA, a leading French shipbroker .
The figures show the global shipbuilding industry received 169 million new orders last year, up from 94 million in 2005. The new orders will be delivered over the next three to five years on a total of 2,950 vessels. Last year, The global shipbuilding industry delivered 75 million tons of ships and launched 1,550 ships .
In the 2006 global shipbuilding ranking, South Korea ranked first with a 36 per cent market share, followed by Japan with 26.2 per cent. China remained in third place, but its market share rose to 23.5 per cent from 17.6 per cent a year earlier. Vietnam climbed to fifth place from 12th the previous year.
BSA experts expect new orders in 2007 to be 40% lower than in 2006, but still close to 100m tonnes .

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